Step by Step

Change may come to you in trinkets and I hope it adorns your life gracefully.  ~Dodinsky

Sometimes the most lasting change is the one that comes in bits and pieces.  This is my plan and hope for what lies ahead. My family is an ordinary family. We work hard. We eat sometimes what is most convenient. We love each other deeply.  We long for time to spend together, but never seem to find enough of it to completely satisfy. Sometimes our intentions are outweighed by our lack of motivation. We have recently discovered that life is a gift, a precious gift. And time will stop for no one.

I am a mom of 4 amazing kids – the eldest has married a wonderful husband and lives not to far away. My second is an independently minded young man of nearly 20. He feels strongly about what he feels strongly about and doesn’t care much about the rest. My two youngest – age 12 and 10 are busy growing into their own special personalities and still have time to embrace new ideas without too much friction. At least I hope so!

Amongst our group is one who hates vegetables as if they were meant only for torture and death; a man who loves meat (When we met he said,”Please know this now – I’m not one for rabbit food. I like my meat and potatoes.”); one who loves all things sweet – and given the chance will partake without thought to as much as possible; and one who, though given the gift of an athletic body, doesn’t give much thought to what she eats. Then there is myself.  A 44-year-old woman, who has always desired a healthy lifestyle – has had short moments living in one, and has recently been faced with and healed of a life altering disease. 

The challenge is ahead: educate this bunch properly -above and beyond the “you should’s” to the “understand why  you should” and coax them gracefully into a new healthier lifestyle.  I’m committed, and they are at least semi-willing.  

 So here we go!


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