Water – Not just for swimming in

Water – one of the basic necessities of life. Something that is perhaps easy to take for granted.

This is the first big change we are making in our home.

There are two basic issues that I am contending with:

a) are we consuming enough water daily?

b) is the water we are consuming good for our bodies?

The facts I always knew included:

  • our bodies are 66% water
  • we should drink 8 glasses of water
  • water cleanses the body

What I didn’t know:

  • Drinking more water than you need can actually tax your kidneys
  • The roles of water include flushing the kidneys, dissolving minerals and acting as a delivery system, lubricant and temperature regulator
  • Mild dehydration can lead to constipation, headaches, lethargy and mental confusion (Ah! at last I have a proper reason for my foggy brain!)
  • Dehydration increases risk of urinary tract infection and kidney stones
  • Thirst kicks in when you have lost about 1 and 2 percent of body water, but is often mistaken for hunger
  • Conditions such as gastric ulcers, joint pain,asthma and allergies can be linked to chronic low-level dehydration

We definitely need to consume more water in our household!

As a result I am trying the following tactics:

We have installed a water cooler – tastier water, and more fun to pour for the younger ones ūüôā

A variety of yummy things for water enhancement are available in our fridge including fresh mint, sliced lemons and even strawberries when they are in season.

A lovely BPA free plastic water bottle accompanies my girls to school

In my case, not only was I not drinking enough water, but much of the water I was drinking was tap water.¬† I am not one to buy the water purifying company’s hype about desolved¬†solids (are desolved¬†solids still called solids??), however I did read that tap water not only can lack some of the minerals we require, but it can also contain estrogen, or xenoestrogen¬†which can cause an imbalance of¬†hormones in the body,¬†increasing the¬†risk of hormone related cancers. There is some disagreement as to the source of this estrogen is, but either way it’s not good. ¬†http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/143994.php¬†¬†¬†http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/12/estrogen-in-water-birth-control-agriculture.php

Sadly my research into estrogen in the water has also revealed that plastic bottles – especially those marked as a plastic type 7 in the recycle triangle – can also leech xenohormones into the contents. This was of course after I installed my nifty new water cooler.¬† Embracing my decision to make small changes over time, this knowledge will have to work its way into my plan at a later stage.¬† Perhaps we will eventually have to install a reverse osmosis filter on our water taps… one day.


2 responses

  1. Improving our health is such a complex subject, often with conflicting advice. Thanks for tackling it and sharing what you learn with everyone else! I’ve definitely been trying to improve my diet by adding more fruits and especially vegetables, and eating fewer sweets.

  2. Julia, you are right! And there is so much information to digest it is hard to wade through it to figure out what is important. My health scare has made me take the time to sort through it and apply what is important for our family. And the knowledge gained is good motivation for us to stay on track.

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