What motivates a person to make radical changes that last? Benefits and Rewards?  Fear? Feelings of lack of control?  I always wanted the benefit and reward of a healthy body, but it never motivated me enough. I, of course, have always wanted to lose weight, and “healthy” seemed the right way to do it. But didn’t hold for long. I knew all along that it was “good” to eat live a less than stressed out lifestyle. But it never motivated me enough to change.  Sadly, it seems that it was the fear, lack of control and knowledge I gained in reading up on my diagnosis that finally motivated me to make the changes to my and my family’s lifestyle.

It’s been 5 weeks since my surgery – and in that time I have learned a fair bit about the “fuel” we consume – I have also had the fright of a lifetime with my diagnosis and I certainly felt that I needed to take responsibility for what I was exposing my family to with our habits and lifestyle.

But now it’s 5 weeks later.

Life is settling back to its usual routines. My schedule is beginning to fill again. Convenience is the dark temptation that looms when things get hectic.

But thankfully I am not the same person. The factors that first motivated me have changed me and my perspective. I cannot go back to the “old me” who somehow had fooled herself into thinking that our habits and lifestyle weren’t THAT bad.

However, this hasn’t prevented me from an occasional stumble.And thankfully, the progress that we have made has given me a new “normal”. So, when I caved this week after a hectic day at the office, followed by a crazy afternoon running errands with the kids and still faced with an evening social at my house –  I stopped at my “old” favorite take out place and purchased the “healthiest” thing on the menu (chicken burger on a new healthy looking bun),my taste buds immediately picked up the imitation flavor, the added salt and the oilyness of the nasty stuff they call sauce. I ate it – I was hungry – but had a headache of note the next morning.

Maybe now that the fear and feeling of the lack of control has passed, I have a more solid motivation – knowledge. I know what that stuff does to a body-and I even have proof. And as I continue to retrain the routines to allow for time to prepare and plan – and I see the results of a well fueled family – this will keep us motivated to keep it up.


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  1. ❤ you! A little take out isn't the worst thing- especially if it helps you to plan ahead the night before on those busy days. One day at a time with one change at a time. You are doing great! Any step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forward.

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