South Africa, believe it or not hosts the 2nd largest population of Indian people after India, of course. This has given me exposure to some seriously amazing food! Putting a healthy twist on the cuisine and keeping the delicious flavours is a challenge, but there are some great options to make it fresh and healthy. FrugalFeeding, one of my favorite blogs on food, has a great recipe we have done over and over. The addition of light coconut milk gives it a Thai twist if you like. I just had to reblog for those of you who love curry like we do!


Before we start, I must admit that this is a re-blog of an earlier post of mine which has now been removed. I shall be doing this with a number of my earlier recipes over time as, since the date of their original posting, they have been significantly improved. This curry received the “special treatment” because it is such a fantastic recipe which I have, in the past few months, perfected. Indeed, I now genuinely understand what it takes to make a simply fantastic curry. First of all, don’t hold back on flavour – pack it full, or it shall only disappoint. Secondly, cook it for a significant length of time – this helps the flavour of the spices really develop. Thirdly, cook each type of meat in a different way – chicken needs to be added a mere 10-15 minutes before serving, while beef or lamb needs to be…

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Revving up the old engine!

Here we are 6 months post surgery and it’s time for me to take stock.

Life’s demands have returned to normal. It’s amazing how everything can slow to a snail’s pace when emergencies hit, yet when the crisis has passed and all of those demanding responsibilities wake from their sleepy slumber (or maybe it is an anesthetic unconsciousness!) it again becomes difficult to control one’s time.

I hope I am not alone in this struggle. Those things which are good, and right and in this case, healthy, don’t scream as loudly as those things which demand me. And keeping them in their proper place is really a battle.

Which is why today is stock taking time!

My goals for my family’s life are:

To eat healthier food

To eliminate and control those habits which are not healthy

To make myself and my family MOVE – not only exercise, but just be more active

To be more available to my kids for school and social activities


Thankfully, many of the changes I have made are still in place – despite my becoming victim to the tyranny of the urgent.

  • More Veggies
  • More Water
  • Less Fat
  • Less red meat

However, in the spirit of confession, I admit that we have slipped in a few areas – the activity level needs improvement and I haven’t made the time to plan properly for healthy meals. We are a bit like a sputtering engine in this area.  Our intentions are good, and we embrace the ideas and make plans to walk every day, go to the gym 3 x a week and to have more family activities away from home. I organize and shop for healthy meals and have delicious meals just waiting to be made….  Unfortunately, our business needed our attention – and longer hours – and more energy… leaving little for all this idealistic idea. Getting the necessary things done quickly and going to bed early sounds so much more appealing!

This idea of a sputtering engine has made me think that, as with a car who when sputtering either has contaminated petrol, or air in the fuel system, I need to do two things:  Get rid of that which is making me sputter AND rev my engine.  A forced input of energy that will eventually clear the system of the nasty stuff and give me the boost I need to move more efficiently.

It’s good to take stock – to have a look at what has crept into life uninvited – and what has disappeared that was sorely needed.  Just as with my business – our annual stock take is this month – I need to check the storeroom, move out what has sat there too long, and bring more of the good stuff in.

In in this spirit, it is Thursday – my day off.  I haven’t taken it in 6 weeks, but with the support of my hubby am resuming today 🙂  And I’m off to the gym with one of my pals – shared accountability and a little fun while we sweat.  Life doesn’t have to control me – I’m in the driver’s seat.